EVLT – Laser Vein Treatment (In Office)

Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELVT) deals with the incompetence (backward flow of blood) of the greater saphenous veins. Unlike surgical stripping, EVLT permanently closes off the vein while leaving it in place.

Phlebectomy Vein Treatment

Phlebectomy treatment involves removing the visible large bulging veins under local anesthetic. This is done through a tiny incision over the vein, grasping it with forceps and removing it. There is minimal to no visible scarring and the cosmetic result is excellent. This procedure is often utilized during laser ablation of the great saphenous vein.

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy treatment is commonly used for treating the smaller spider veins. This procedure involves injecting a liquid into the vein with a small needle which causes the vein walls to collapse. Compression stockings are used after treatment with sclerotherapy and the veins will disappear over time. These veins can reappear or new veins can develop and so multiple treatments may be required.

Conservative Vein Treatment

Conservative treatment may be recommended for some venous disorders. Conservative treatment consists of compression therapy with stockings, elevation of the legs, and anti-inflammatory medications. Conservative treatment does not treat the underlying vein abnormalities, and is rarely used as a long-term solution for venous disorders.