Patient Portal

In 2014, The Vein Center of Mid-Missouri affiliated with MU Health Care to ensure we could continue to provide the best surgical services to the patients who entrust us with their care. An added benefit of this affiliation has been access to a more “robust” Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that includes a sophisticated Patient Portal through which, patients – who wish to participate – can see office notes and other information about their care provided by the surgeons and staff of The Vein Center of Mid-Missouri.

This secure Patient Portal is called MU Healthe and it is there for you to access your healthcare information, knowing that your information and privacy are protected. If you elected to participate in MU Healthe when you registered at our front desk, then you will be able to sign-in and view the documentation of your care at The Vein Center of Mid-Missouri and any other MU Health Care provider or facility you may go to within just a few days of your visit.

Please sign in to MU Health.